“I have worked with Ray Lancaster since the late 70’s while at Research-Cottrell and from the early 80’s to the present while at Johnson and Johnson. I have always been impressed with his ability to produce highly qualified professionals and managers that not only meet stated job requirements, but also meet soft requirements in terms of organizational fit and personal chemistry. Ray clearly uses my time and his in a most efficient and effective manner.” -

 Rich Wasilius, V.P., Corp Information Management, Johnson & Johnson

“Ray and I have worked together for the last 15 years and I’ve relied on him for help and guidance in my career. I value the relationship and greatly appreciate the value it has provided.” -

Rich Catanese, Sr. Director, Applications, Pfizer

“ I have worked with Lancaster Associates for over 10 years. During that time they have been instrumental in finding the best and brightest staff for me, many of whom continue to work for me… recruiting and retaining the best staff has been the secret to my success in my career and Lancaster Associates has played an important role in this process.” -

CIO and VP, Fortune 100 company

“I have worked with many recruiters in my 20 years of business experience. Ray Lancaster clearly stands out above the rest. Ray works to ensure the objectives of both the candidate and the client company are understood and met. Unlike other recruiters I have dealt with, Ray is interested in achieving a long term relationship between a candidate and a corporation, not just a closed deal. As I continue in my professional career, Lancaster Associates will be one of only a few on my professional recruiter ‘A list’.” -

Project Manager, consumer product company

“Working with Lancaster Associates has been nothing short of effective. We have consistently been presented with top tier candidates. More importantly, these candidates possess the skills and experience represented via their resumes. The majority of the candidates brought in for interviews have been worthy of offers. We’ve completed several key hires in both the managerial and the technical/professional ranks with great success.” -

Dir. Of Sales & Marketing Systems, major pharmaceutical company